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Release Date: 25th May 2023


💻 PC: Steam/Early Access

Developer: Rockodile Games, Octobear Games Location: Turku, Finland Publisher: Lesser Evil Location: Munich, Germany

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<aside> 🇺🇦 We are not alone! We have gathered a powerful alliance of organizations and individuals supporting the cause of Ukraine's fight for freedom.


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Death From Above is our first game under the Lesser Evil publishing brand and our first statement. It’s a conscious decision to engage with a difficult zeitgeist issue that directly affects millions of people's lives in Ukraine and beyond, a decision that some might see as controversial.

<aside> 💡 Watch our Call to Arms, a speech by Hendrik Lesser, that is a cornerstone of Lesser Evil publishing.



While we embrace controversy and difficult conversations, we don’t believe in controversy for its own sake or the sake of sales.

We engage in these topics because we are convinced they are essential and that the power of video games can be a tool for political and social activism. Death From Above is no exception to that.

Also, we’re proud to help spread the message of support for Ukraine defending itself!


As mentioned before, 30% of net proceeds from the Steam release will be equally split between Come Back Alive and Army of Drones from the moment the game releases**. All donations made will support** non-offensive initiatives. Moreover, we will commit to 70% of net proceeds after we break even.

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Aside from our charity partners, we have some other organizations that are offering their expertise in drone warfare to help us achieve our vision for "Death From Above" most effectively:

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Steam - Buy the game! Linktree - Follow our socials! Kickstarter - Check our past campaign and all updates!

About the Developers

Rockodile Games, a small team of three Finnish devs, have been rocking game development since 2013! They’re focused on Unreal Engine development and have been doing outsourcing work for a while, jumping into full-game development with DfA

About Lesser Evil

*We are Lesser Evil. We are uncompromisingly anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, and pro-democracy. We publish video games with clear political or social intent and messaging. Video games are this century's most widespread, impactful, and important cultural medium. As works of human expression, they should be emotional and make the player feel something. *****

That's why we're not afraid to create experiences that are based on our convictions. We believe in making statements. We aim to initiate difficult discussions, spread awareness, and take a stand. Gaming is a politically and socially conscious medium - we should never apologize for this! Want to know more? www.lesserevil.games

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